Brushcutters: Selecting & Installing Attachments

Brushcutters: Selecting & Installing Attachments

brushcuttersStrimmers are extremely versatile and can handle a variety of tasks around your garden, providing you select and install the right attachment for the job. If you’re the type of person who likes a tool that can complete more than one task, brushcutters are for you.

Brushcutters can be used to clear hard to reach grass around obstacles, heavy and light vegetation and reeds. They are fantastic for putting the finishing touches on your garden.

Clearing grass around obstacles that are hard to reach for your lawnmower is a task best left for your brushcutter. For this task you should select a SuperCut, AutoCut or TrimCut attachment. These attachments use plastic strings rather than solid blades. An attachment with a solid plastic or metal blade would be likely to cause damage to the obstacles you are cutting around and the blade itself.

If you wish to clear some light vegetation with your brushcutter then you can select the SuperCut or AutoCut attachments or you can use a PolyCut mowing head which consists of 3 pivoting thermoplastic blades.


For clearing heavier vegetation, it’s advised that you don’t attempt to use a plastic string blade as it won’t be very effective. Instead a Grass Blade should be used. Grass blades are reversible cutting blades with two or four cutting edges, they are ideal for tough grass and vegetation.

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To install these attachments you must first ensure that the approved guard for the attachment is already in place, then you must push the locking pin into the hole in the gearbox and turn the shaft until the locking pin engages and the shaft is locked in position.

For the grass cutting blade, you must then mount the cutting blade on the thrust plate. The collar diameter of the thrust plate and the blade hole diameter must match and the collar must protrude into the blade hole of the cutting attachment. Now you fit the thrust washer followed by the ryder plate onto the shaft. Tighten the self locking nut firmly in an anti-clockwise motion, then remove the shaft locking tool and the attachment is installed.

Now for the other attachments. Once the shaft has been locked in position by the locking pin, turn the mowing head anti-clockwise until it stops at the shaft. Tighten it in place and remove the locking tool.

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