6 Chainsaw Safety Tips

6 Chainsaw Safety Tips

6 Chainsaw Safety TipsWhen using a chainsaw, it doesn’t matter if it is for personal or professional use. You need to follow certain safety procedures in order to avoid serious injury to yourself or others. Here are 6 chainsaw safety tips.

1: Always Wear Protective Gear

Chainsaw PPE clothing is essential when using a chainsaw. It can mean the difference between life and death. Minimising the risk with chainsaw PPE gloves, trousers, boots, ear protection, goggles and hard hats is the key to staying safe while using the saw.

2: Know Your Limits

Knowing your limits will help to keep you safe. If you are new to using a chainsaw don’t go for the large tree right away. Practice with your chainsaw by cutting up logs for firewood and attempt to fell small trees before moving on to the larger ones. Similarly if your project is too large or difficult for your skill set, hire a professional. There are plenty of great arborists around Ireland that would be happy to help you.

3: Study The Manual

Don’t just read the manual you get with your saw, study it. You should familiarise yourself with the chainsaw even if you have used chainsaws before, there can be huge differences from one chainsaw to the next.

4: Have Someone Nearby

You should never use your chainsaw in isolation. Keep a person ideally with a well stocked medical kit nearby just in case something goes wrong. Chainsaw accidents can happen in the blink of an eye so having someone close by can save your life.

5: Don’t Climb With Your Chainsaw

Climbing a tree to cut a branch is something that should be left to experienced professionals. Unfortunately you’re not Tarzan, get out of the tree before it has a bad ending. The same can be said about cutting when you are on a ladder, avoid it at all costs. If you need to cut branches that are high up, think about investing in a pole saw.

6: Use Both Hands

Sometimes when you are working you will have to reach for something with one hand. Never do this when in control of a chainsaw. If you ever have to take a hand off of the chainsaw make sure you turn it off first.

Chainsaw safety should always be at the forefront of your mind when firing up the engine. They are powerful tools and while useful, they can also be extremely dangerous in the wrong hands. If you are unsure about proper safety procedures, you can always take a chainsaw safety course. If you would like to get yourself a new chainsaw then you can visit us online or in-store, get directions to us on our contact us page.