5 Lawnmower Care Tips

5 Lawnmower Care Tips

There5 Lawnmower Care Tips are very few pieces of gardening equipment that have to put up with the stress that a lawnmower does. That’s why taking proper care of it is essential if you want it to keep working as it should and to reach its maximum lifespan. There are several things you can do to make sure you get the most out of your lawnmower before inevitably having to replace it, here are 5 lawnmower care tips.

1: Read The Manual

We have all been there, the second you get a new toy you throw the manual to one side never to be looked at again. When it comes to lawnmowers however, it really is useful. The manual give you the tips on maintaining the lawnmower as the manufacturer intended. They want their products to perform optimally so that you purchase them again in the future, so generally they give you some great advice.

2: Keep The Undercarriage Clean

The undercarriage of your lawnmower is on the front lines, it can easily become caked in grass. This can hinder the performance of the mower and lead to a clogged discharge chute. Disconnect the spark plug for safety purposes and scrub it with a wire brush, spray off the remaining debris with a hose, then reconnect your spark plug and you’re good to go.

3: Drain Old Petrol

Many people aren’t aware of the fact that petrol goes bad. Old petrol is actually one of the leading causes of lawnmowers not starting after the winter. At the end of the mowing season you should empty and dispose of whatever fuel is left in the mower, then start again with fresh fuel in the spring.

4: Sharpen Your Blades

The blades of a lawnmower have to deal with a lot of obstacles, every time you hit a rock or a fallen branch you are blunting your blades. When your lawnmower blades lose their sharpness your mower begins to rip and tear the grass up instead of giving it a smooth cut. It’s not advised to attempt this yourself, take your lawnmower into us at Douglas Forest & Garden and we will have them sharpened for you in no time.

5: Get Your Mower Serviced

You should get your lawnmower serviced every year, either at the beginning or the end of mowing season. The mower will have the petrol drained, spark plugs replaced, air filter replaced and diagnostics will be carried out to make sure your mower is going to perform at it’s best.

So for proper lawnmower care, remember to read the manual, keep the undercarriage free from debris and caking, drain the old fuel, keep your blades sharp and have your mower regularly service.

Most of these tips are things that you can handle yourself, however for blade sharpening and lawnmower trust Douglas Forest & Garden. Bring in your lawnmower and we’ll make sure it’s in top working order for for the season. Get directions to our showroom and visit us today.