4 Reasons For Pruning Trees & Shrubs

4 Reasons For Pruning Trees & Shrubs

4 Reasons For Pruning Trees & ShrubsPruning trees and shrubs around your garden is a great way to keep your garden healthy and looking great. Depending on the plant you are pruning you will need a hedge trimmers, a pruning saw and a hand trimmer (for small shrubs). Many people wonder if there is any point in pruning trees and shrubs, here are 4 reasons why you should start pruning today.

1: Improves Tree/Shrub Health

You can significantly improve the life of the plant if you take proper care of it by removing any damaged or dead branches. Some of the reasons why a branch may need to be removed are if they are infested with insects, they are damaged from a storm, they have been damaged by an animal, they have been infected with disease or they have been broken or damaged by any physical trauma. To stimulate healthy growth you should also prune any branches that are rubbing together and any branch stubs. When pruning trees it is important to avoid topping them. The removal of large branches results in stubs which can ruin the natural shape of plant, promote weak branch structure development and suckering and it can also lead to several health problems.

2: Makes Your Garden Safer

Dead branches, especially in larger trees, can be a huge safety risk in your garden. A gust of wind at the wrong time to a damaged limb can result in serious injuries. If you have any hazardous trees in your garden you should contact a professional and have them taken down. If you have branches overhanging your property or anywhere that people will be, then you should prune back any weak or narrow angled branches to avoid any possible damage to property or injury to people. For security purposes you should also prune back any trees or shrubs that might obscure the entrance to your home.

3: Reduces Branch Crowding

Maintenance pruning should be carried out annually, this even more important for fruit bearing trees. This helps to open the canopy, prevent crowding. Annual maintenance also helps to improve sunlight penetration and circulation while also helping to prevent disease. Proper maintenance also reduces the amount of branch drop which most trees are susceptible to when competition for light is high.

4: Improve Appearance

Beautiful trees and shrubs can add a huge amount of character to your garden. Unless there is a specific reason then you should avoid pruning shrubs into tight geometric patterns as it can adversely affect the plant. A plant’s natural form is usually what ends up looking the best while also making it as healthy and strong as possible. If you prune a plant properly then it should be difficult for anyone to even spot that it has been pruned. Use pruning to control the size of the plant, its shape, keep evergreen shrubs dense and well proportioned. Removing unsightly branches, waterspouts, strange fruiting structures and suckers can make your trees and shrubs look fantastic.

Pruning trees and shrubs in your garden is great for plant health, it makes your garden a safer place to be, it helps to reduce crowding and increase fruit bearing potential and it also makes your garden look its absolute best. However, if you are a homeowner you should know your limits and avoid pruning near power lines or anywhere where you have to climb. Hiring a professional landscaper or arborist will help you to safely have trees and shrubs pruned properly. If you would like to start pruning your trees and shrubs today then you can order your tools online or by visiting us in-store. You can get directions to us on our contact us page.