3 Ways to have fun in a hot tub

3 Ways to have fun in a hot tub

While nobody has any trouble finding ways to have fun in a hot tub, there may be one or two ideas that you have overlooked that can be well worth playing with. Coupled with a few hot tub accessories such as spa pillows and underwater lights you can really set the atmosphere for fun. So without further preamble lets jump into it!


This is the obvious one so we’ll get it out of the way, but a hot tub party is a great fun way to host guests at home. Get a few friends around, put on some music and get some cocktails and ice ready and you’re all good to go! The great thing about this is how nice it can be even in colder weather.

Ways to have fun in a hot tub: Read!

Reading is a great way to relax, and reading in a hot tub is fantastic. If you’re worried about getting the pages wet, just keep your hands out of the water and keep your elbows below book height. Have a towel nearby if you need to set the book down and be sure to dry your arms before picking it up again to stop the odd drip from spoiling your relaxation. A waterproof ebook reader is even better as you don’t have to think about the pages getting wet at all. And an audiobook can be great if you want to fully soak it up and just relax without the effort of having to hold anything!


There are some group and party games designed for hot tubs that are great fun with a group or with the family. For example, a great kids game which is like the hot tub equivalent of Jenga is called ‘Submarine’. You half fill a plastic cup and take turns dropping water into the cup as it floats in the water. The ‘loser’ is the one who adds a drop that sinks the cup. You can also buy waterproof playing cards very cheaply and they are perfect for a hot tub. There are many more ways to have fun with your hot tub which we will touch on in a later blog post.

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