2 Garden Maintenance Tips For Homeowners

2 Garden Maintenance Tips For Homeowners

A beautiful and healthy garden sets off a home perfectly. Gardens are a great source of pride for homeowners. Maintaining a beautiful garden depends on having the right garden machinery, equipment and executing gardening tasks with precision and skill. There are lots of parts to a home garden, things like plants, grass and soil which all need care and maintenance to thrive. Here are 2 garden mai2 Garden Maintenance Tips For Homeownersntenance tips for homeowners to maintain a beautiful and healthy home garden.

1: Create Healthy Soil

Creating healthy soil is essential for plants to grow, without it they will struggle. When roots are laying in healthy soil, your plants will be more vigorous and more productive. Healthy soil is rich in microbes, minerals and nutrients. Healthy soil is incredibly valuable and should be protected. To do this effectively you should make sure you mulch your soil as well as keeping feet from stepping on it as much as you can. Weed seeds will always appear on your soil, this can happen by a means of blowing in with the wind or they can be dropped by birds. To get rid of weeds you should avoid the use of herbicides as they pollute the soil and destroy the soils healthy microbes. Use mulch to suppress the weeds and be sure to make time to pull the weeds while they are still small.

2: Ensure Health Plants

Keeping on top of all your plant’s health is also very important to maintaining a great looking garden. Pruning is very important to ensure a healthy plant, by removing specific branches or stems you benefit or eliminate problems from occurring in the plant. Getting rid of damaged, dead or diseased parts will help stop insect & decay organisms getting at the plant. You should feed your plants regularly with things like fertilizer and water help them to grow, promote healthy foliage, stimulate root systems and aid in flower and fruit formation. Another great way to care for your plants is with nutrient-rich, organic mulch like compost. You should side-dress your plants seasonally by adding a handful of compost around the base of the plant. Organic mulch retains moisture in the soil and breaks down improve the texture of the soil.

There is something so rewarding about maintaining a beautiful looking garden. By following these 2 tips you will have your own healthy and attractive garden that you will be proud to show anyone. To see how our products can help you maintain your garden, call us on 021-496-5132 or visit us online today.