Why Choose Lay Z Spa?

Why Choose Lay Z Spa?

Why Choose Lay Z Spa? When you’re dipping your toes into the world of inflatable hot tubs, Lay Z Spa is a name you’ll hear often. They’re one of the biggest (and first) producers of portable hot tubs. We’ve been stocking them now for a few years with very positive feedback both from our customers and our staff who have got one for themselves. You don’t often hear positive customer feedback, but when there are few complaints, few calls about issues or requests for a replacement, the silence can be deafening. These products are very durable and with the right care, they will last you for a very long time.

The Lay Z Spa Range

Lay Z Spa offers a range of inflatable hot tubs, from two person tubs like the Cancun, with bubbles from their Airjets to more premium models with more space and massaging hydrojets. Whether you’re after a premium model, like the Maldives Hydrojet or its close cousin, the Hawaii Hydrojet Pro, you’re assured of great quality build design and great features.

Why Choose Lay Z Spa?

All models in the Lay Z Spa hot tub range come with a single unit that controls inflation, pumping, filtration, and heating. It’s a very neat design. Once you receive your hot tub, you just need to prepare the ground on which you plan to place it. Then you Unpack the tub, lay it flat, and it’ll be inflated in minutes. Next, you start filling it up with water. If you want to jump in as quickly as possible, you could consider filling it using warm water if you’re able (but not too hot). Lay Z Spa’s heating system is best at maintaining a temperature. Building up to its max of 40c takes about 12-16 hours if it’s starting with cold water. You can significantly reduce this if you start with warm water.

Weather Proof

Leaving a hot tub out in cold weather can be a problem as freezing can damage the piping. All new Lay Z Spa tubs have an anti-freeze shield and an energy-saving timer. The anti-freeze shield will kick in if it detects freezing temperatures. It’ll ensure that the water inside the system is kept at a temperature and flow that prevents freezing damage. The energy-saving timer will ensure you don’t get any unexpected surprises in your heating bill. There are also hot tub accessories such as insulation covers to keep the heat in and save energy.

More Space and More Hydrojets

The main thing that separates all the models are their capacity, the amount of ‘bubbles’ they product from airjets, or the amount of massaging thrust they provide through ‘Hydrojets’. Many models skip on the hydrojets altogether, but for many people this is the most important part of a hot tub and you want to consider a model that has these. The Maldives has space for seven people, a built-in pillow, and underwater lights. On the technical side, 180 Airjets and 8 Hydrojets give your muscles a luxurious massage. The Hawaii Hydrojet Pro is not far behind, with room for six and 140 Airjets. It, too, has 8 Hydrojets to give you that perfect water massage. It’s also worth checking out the rest of the hot tob range to see if there’s a model that suits you in terms of features and price.

If you have any questions about the Lay Z Spa range, you can give us a call on 021 4965132.