What's The Best Inflatable Hot Tub?

What's The Best Inflatable Hot Tub?

What’s the best inflatable hot tub? The ‘too long, didn’t read’ answer: Two Lay-Z-Spa Hot tubs fit that category: the Maldives and Hawaii both offer the best quality, hands-down. Here’s why:

The Lay Z Spa Brand

We’ve had a few years to test out our range and find out what works, and we believe that, by far the best quality inflatable hot tubs are built by Lay-Z-Spa. They have all the durability and build quality you’d want in a premium product. Plus simplicity. They come with one unit that handles the inflation of the tub, as well as pumping, filtering and heating of the water. Actually, once you unpackaged it and lay it out correctly it only takes a few minutes to inflate. Then after waiting for your humble domestic water tap to fill it up, you do need to wait about 18 hours or so for the water to heat to maximum temperature (assuming you’re after a balmy 40c).

The Best of the Brand

The entire range shares high-quality features, such as an anti-freeze shield to prevent the plumbing from getting damaged by cold weather. A chemical dispenser to keep the water clean, plus energy-saving features. But two stand out. Most people want a hot tub for both therapeutic and social reasons. There’s something really decadent about blaming out in a hot tub with your drinks in hand, having chats with friends. This is the dream. And the top two models in the brand’s line-up have the largest seating space. And they have ‘Hydrojets’. Airjets are what give you the bubbly effect of a hot tub. But hydrojets are the things that give you a lovely strong current of water that is so strong it can massage your muscles.

The Best Inflatable Hot Tub

The Maldives Hydrojet is a seven-seater hot tub that comes with built-in seats, a pillow and lights for an immersive social experience that can be fun with friends or a calming intimate experience with your partner. It has 180 Airjets and 8 Hydrojets to nuzzle up to for a deep and relaxing massage. The Hawaii is a close second. It fits up to six people, also has 8 hydro jets and a slightly fewer 140 air jets, but with most of the same features that are synonymous with Lay Z Spa it’s a great option.

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