Are Lay Z Spas Any Good?

Are Lay Z Spas Any Good?

You might have come across the name Lay Z Spa, the brand synonymous with inflatable hot tubs. Perhaps you’re eyeing up the possibility of owning one but are looking for an overview of what they have and have not. We’ve dipped into the Lay Z Spa range, decided they’re a great product and sell them nationwide. Our ‘Too long didn’t read’ is that Lay Z Spas are a top-quality product that shouldn’t be overlooked if you’re on the market for a portable hot tub.

Are Lay Z Spas Any Good?

The Lay Z Spa is a higher-end portable hot tub that gives you relaxation and portability without breaking the bank. But of course, all portable hot tubs come with the same downside. They’re not a fixture, and getting the same level of integration into your home design is not easy. However, the upside here is that these are portable. When they’re not in use, you can deflate them and store them away, giving you back precious yard space. Once you get over that major downside of all portable hot tubs, here’s what sets Lay Z Spa apart.

Easy Maintenance

Maintaining a Lay Z Spa may not be as effortless as lounging in one, but it’s not hard by any means! Keep a regular eye on the water with a test strip, pop in some chlorine now and then, and you’re sorted. You can make sure the water stays sparkling clean thanks to its built-in filter system. This is the same system that also heats your water and inflates your spa. It’s a great integrated unit that keeps things tidy.

Energy Efficiency

All hot tubs come with running costs. The Lay Z Spa range uses nifty systems to keep your hot tub safe during cold nights using its Anti Freeze Shield system. It keeps the water just as hot as is necessary to prevent freeze damage and no warmer. You can ensure maximum energy efficiency by adding some insulated padding underneath the tub. You can also have an insulated cover on top to keep the heat in, so your Lay Z Spa will hold the heat.

A Great Range of Models

The Lay Z Spa’s higher-end models, such as the Maldives, give you all the fancy trimmings you’d want for a hot tub party. The Maldives is a fantastic choice for those spirited get-togethers with family and friends. It’s roomy enough for 6-8 people, including a few young ones. Just remember to keep a glass of water beside your bubbly, as hot tubbing and fun can be thirsty work! Drink responsibly, stay safe, and enjoy the craic and luxurious massage provided by the spa’s waterjets!

Reliable Warranty and Support

The Lay Z Spa comes with a two-year warranty. Their products are exceptionally reliable, but if you do need to speak with someone, for example, to order a new part, their customer support is top-notch.

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