Is It Worth Getting a Swimming Pool in Ireland?

Is It Worth Getting a Swimming Pool in Ireland?

Is it worth getting a swimming pool in Ireland? There are some great products on the market for at-home swimming pools that won’t break the bank. These can be a great asset during the warmer times of the year when you’re looking for fun activities for the kids that don’t require lots of driving to and fro. There are many brands to choose from. The ones we recommend are EXIT and Bestway Swimming Pools, which come in a range of configurations and are exceptionally sturdy and well-built at very reasonable prices.

Is It Worth Getting a Swimming Pool in Ireland?

Complaining about our weather is one of our national pastimes. Irish weather can be unpredictable, and even during the summer months, you may have periods where the water is cold. However, with the right setup, you can enjoy a pool even in colder periods. For example, EXIT swimming pools have domes available. These act as easy-to-install greenhouses that sit over your pool. If there’s any sunlight at all, it’ll heat the air above the pool, giving you a nice balmy feeling while protecting you from any chilly breezes. If left on throughout the day, it will slowly increase the temperature of the water. This is often all you need to enjoy the pool, even during Spring.

Keeping the Pool Clean

Cleaning can be a nuisance for a swimming pool without the right swimming pool accessories. Leaves, dirt and other debris, can get carried by the wind into your pool where it decomposes and builds up in bacteria. The prevent this, you can use chlorine to keep the water nice and clean for weeks. Rather than manually cleaning the dirt, you can install a filter pump which will cycle the water, removing debris as it does so. If you don’t have the right gear you might feel uncertain about whether the water is clean and safe. But pool water test strips are cheap and can make sure that the PH and chlorine levels for your pool are adequate.

Convenience and Privacy

Nobody mentions how busy parents can be simply keeping their kids involved in activities. Driving from one activity to the next can be a full-time job, especially if you have more than one child. Having healthy and engaging activities that can be social and done from home can be a godsend, especially during the summer periods. An at-home pool lets you enjoy the outdoors and exercise without having to deal with crowds, costs or traffic.

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