Swimming Pools Cork

Swimming Pools Cork

It’s that time of the year once again when we start thinking about the outdoors! We provide the best range of swimming pools in Cork, with both Bestway and EXIT pools available for pickup or delivery to your door. You can check out our full range of garden pools or read on for some highlights and recommendations.

Bestway Pools

Bestway covers both the small and large ranges. If it’s a large children’s paddling pool you’re looking for, then Bestway has you covered. If it’s a humongous family pool you’re looking for, they have those too! Their entry-level inflatable family paddling pools come in 79″ dimensions as well as a 6-foot round pool so mam or dad can keep a close watch on the kids. Bestways’ range gradually increases with a 12ft, 16ft steel and finally 20 foot.

The Biggest and Best Pool

Bestway’s biggest offering is its 24-foot behemoth, with a width of 12 feet and a depth of 52″, making it roomy enough for a group of adults.

EXIT Pools

EXIT’s range includes a large 12-foot x 4ft circular pool with a filter pump and pool cover. They also provide a 4m x 2m pool with a depth of 1 metre, a filter pump and a dome to keep the breeze away and the water heated using the sun’s energy.

Water Toys and Swimming Pools Cork

In addition to swimming pools, we also provide water toys such as H20GO!’s Slip n’ Slide range. H20GO! is a great water toy company that provides fun inflatable ‘water parks’ for your home. These are tremendously popular with kids, with the range including the ‘Beach Bounce Water Park‘, a fun outdoor pool and bouncy castle combination that’s easy to inflate (it just takes two minutes) and with a strong and durable design with double stitching it is built to put up with abuse. Also included are water sprinklers for kids to run and jump through as they play. H20GO! also provides the Super Speedway Mega Water Park, which is suitable for kids aged 5-10, it includes a slide, a water blower, a repair kit and storage back as well as a water spray hose attachment.

If you have any questions about our range of products, you can always give us a call on 021 4965132