Proper Garden Pool Maintenance

Proper Garden Pool Maintenance

Without proper garden pool maintenance, your garden pool water is at risk of becoming a breeding ground for algae, mould, and bacteria. It can leave the water (and pool) discoloured, and also increase the risk of getting sick from being in the pool. But with just a few small routines, you can keep your water safe and pleasant all year round.

Use a Filter Pump When Appropriate

Not all pools need a pump, but any pool that’s large enough where emptying regularly is a no-no will benefit from a filter pump. The pump will remove the dirt and aerate the water, making it much harder for bacteria to build up. You can use EXIT pool filter cartridges with your swimming pool filter pump, or find alternatives that suit your particular garden pool.

Proper Garden Pool Maintenance: Removing Debris

The natural environment of a garden can add an extra layer of complexity to pool maintenance. Leaves, dirt, and insects are going to find their way into the water. Regularly skimming the pool with a net, like the one included in the EXIT swimming pool maintenance kit, is an important step in keeping things clean. With smaller pools, you can get away with this alone combined with cleaning chemicals.

Chlorine isn’t just for public swimming pools; it’s also for garden pools. We provide a range of accessories including chlorine tablets and release systems. Use chlorine tablets and a floating chlorine dispenser like the EXIT model to spread the chlorine evenly. Your filter will reduce the breeding ground for bacteria, and the chlorine will kill anything that remains.

Maintaining Water Balance

Chlorine keeps your water safe. But you need to monitor the water’s alkalinity. Too much can be uncomfortable and not enough can allow bacteria to breed. You can use water test strips to monitor the pH balance, chlorine level, and alkalinity in your pool. It’s a quick and simple process, but it keeps the water nice. We provide the Clearwater Pool Chemical Starter Kit which contains everything you need to treat and monitor your water.

Keep It Covered

Your garden pool is exposed to the elements. Using a pool cover when the pool is not in use is a wise choice. Don’t forget to use the vacuum head and other tools in the EXIT swimming pool maintenance kit for that quick clean before use.

If you have any queries about maintaining your garden pool, we’re always happy to help. Just call us on 021-4965132.