Maintaining Your Garden Swimming Pool

Maintaining Your Garden Swimming Pool

Maintaining your garden swimming pool is important to ensure the water is clean and safe all through the summer. It’s very easy for harmful bacteria to build up in the pool and cause an increased risk of infections or illness. But with the right garden pool accessories, such as a filter pump and a good pool cleaner, you can keep your pool safe and clean.

Consider Getting a Good Filter Pump

Keeping a larger swimming pool clean is no small task if you do it manually. While it is possible, you do need to use a net to clear out larger debris as any foreign bodies left to sit in the water (especially organic matter like leaves or flies) will massively increase the amount of microbes in the water. A filter pump, such as the Flowclear pool filter pump, is a good option to consider if you have a larger pool. It works especially well with Bestway swimming pools, the Flowclear filter pump takes in all the water, including debris, and filters out any impurities that would contaminate the water if left to sit there.

Get a Good Pool Cleaning Kit

Investing in a good pool cleaning kit can make the job of pool maintenance much easier. While a net (or filter) can catch any floating debris, over time a layer of yuckiness can also build on the floor and walls. A swimming Pool Vacuum, is an easy-to-use and efficient way to remove dirt and debris from the bottom of your pool. It doesn’t require any additional power source – it uses a regular garden hose in combination with a debris bag and cleaning head.

Keep the Surrounding Area Clear

Before placing your pool, it’s also very important to make sure there’s nothing hidden in the grass or just under the earth which could puncture the pool. A quality base, such as tiles or a pool ground cloth placed beneath your pool, can help prevent accidental tears or other damage caused by objects on the ground beneath the pool.

Maintaining Your Garden Swimming Pool: Test the Water

The chemical balance of your pool is crucial. An incorrect balance can cause skin irritation and affect the longevity of your pool. Too little chlorine, however, and you are at risk of getting sick. You can pick up a chemical measuring kit and pH and chlorine test strips to ensure your pool has the correct levels.

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