Creating a Relaxing Retreat: Garden Pools and Spas

Creating a Relaxing Retreat: Garden Pools and Spas

At Douglas Forest and Garden, we’re careful about what we sell and that goes equally for garden pools and spas. If a product gets poor reviews or too many returns, it’s off our site. Our efficient delivery service ensures that you receive your order without any hassles. If there’s any problem at all with your order, we will promptly assist you.

Dive Into the Refreshing Garden Pools and Spas

Choosing a garden pool isn’t just about size and depth; it’s also about getting one that will survive the rough and tumble of real life. We go with the Bestway pool range; They have very high-quality materials that can handle a beating. In terms of size, if it’s a compact pool you’re after, the Bestway Family pool, with its half-metre depth and 103″ size, is ample enough for parents to join their kids for a lovely splash.

For a larger pool, Bestway’s 18ft power steel rectangular pool, with a depth of 1.22 metres, could be a good choice. This grand oul pool takes up a fair bit of space (5.5m x 3m), so you’ll need a medium or large sized garden or yard.

Another great option are EXIT pools. They also deliver on quality construction with a good range of sizes, such as an impressive 5.4m x 2.5m x 1.22m depth garden pool. It’s nearly as large as the Bestway 18ft power steel but comes at a lower cost. This could be your choice if you’re looking to save a bit of yard space.

Sinking into the Bliss of Inflatable Spas

Online providers sell Hot tubs that come in all sizes and qualities, but we recommend the Lay-Z-Spa range. They’re well made, come with excellent features and accessories, and are equipped to handle the Irish weather. For example, the entry-level Cancun Airjet offers a bubbling delight for a couple or two adults, while on the higher end the Hawaii Hydrojet, with its airjets and hydrojets, can accommodate up to six people for a fun evening.

Free Delivery on all Garden Pools and Spas

Remember, orders for garden pools and spas from Douglas Forest and Garden come with a fast, free delivery service. Should you need any assistance or have questions about any of our products, just give us a ring on 021 4965132