Garden Pool Accessories To Up Your Game

Garden Pool Accessories To Up Your Game

We’ve all grown up with the experience and memory of a paddling pool in Ireland. Sure it was great fun, and we had a great time, but you can’t argue with the fact that after a few hours of playing and the outdoor air-cooled, it became too cold to bear, and it was time to get indoors again. Thankfully today, we have the technology! With lots of great swimming pool accessories that will up your garden pool game and ensure you can enjoy the outdoors for longer without worrying about goosebumps and colds!

Garden Pool Accessories: Heating

The holy grail for the garden pool is a Bestway Swimming Pool Heater. Plugged in and working away, it’ll heat your pool water at a rate of between 0.5℃ to 1.5℃ per hour, depending on the pool size. So when you first get into the pool, rather than getting cooler as the day goes by, it’ll feel even more toasty and comfortable, allowing you to get the absolute most use out of your pool. This is best suited for larger garden pools between 1,100L – and 14,300L. Keep in mind that you will need to combine it with a pool filter pump.

The Flowclear Filter Pump

The Flowclear pool filter pump is suited for a Bestway swimming pool. It keeps your water clean throughout its use during the summer months. And combined with the pool heater, you’ve got the perfect match for a nice balmy pool all summer long.

Keeping the Water Warm

In addition to a heater, a ground cloth or similar layer between your pool and the earth can help insulate the water keeping the heat in and allowing you to enjoy the warm water for longer – and with less heating costs. Bestway’s medium-sized pool, such as the Fast Set Pools, can use this 16′ x 16′ ground cloth. This keeps your pool safe from damage and retains that heat.

Under the Dome

Another neat idea is to consider investing in a pool dome. These are available for many models of garden pools. They work by trapping heat from natural sunlight and keeping the wind at bay, so you can enjoy the pool for longer, even when there’s a cool breeze that would otherwise spoil the fun.

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