Best Paddling Pools for Your Kids

Best Paddling Pools for Your Kids

What are the best paddling pools for your kids? With so many outdoor toys to choose from, it’s never a bad idea to do your research and find the best products are out there. There are so many water toys and paddling pools, and here at Douglas Forest and Garden, we’re careful to sell only the best products on the market. You can view all our pools here. We want our customers to be fully satisfied with their purchase and not have any issues with it after they’ve taken it home. It’s for this reason that we decided to stock H20Go! range of kid’s waterparks.

Best Paddling Pools for Toddlers

The Sunnyland Splash Paddling Pool Play Centre is a great little addition for very young kids such as toddlers. With a safe, shallow design and bright colours, this is an excellent opportunity for your smallies to have the time of their lives. It features a small side, inflatable ‘tree’, and a fountain in the centre of the pool, so plenty of things to see and interact with for the developing child.

Best Options For Groups

If you have a group of kids over, or you have a few of your own, a Slip ‘n’ Slide can keep kids entertained. H20GO! provides a range of options that plug into your garden hose to keep the slide really slippy and lots of fun. These cobest paddling poolsme in various options, including a 15ft double slip n’ slide so that the kids can race. There’s also a smaller Slip n’ Slide with an inflatable ramp which can be good fun for

The Most Fun

The award for the most fun paddling pool goes to the H20Go Splash Water Park Bouncy Castles. These combine paddling pools with fun inflatable features found in bouncy castles to create a hybrid, miniature waterpark. There are several different models available which can provide various features for different group-sizes. For example, the H20GO! Mount Splashmore is the biggest of the options and includes a climbing wall and water gun, a slide, and a large paddling area for all the kids. Another great option that’ll make a splash is the Splash Tower Mega Water Park. This version focuses on the slide and climbing wall and has a fun little diving pool at the end of the slide that kids will love.

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