Best Garden Pools

Best Garden Pools

We have some of the best garden pools available this summer. And with free delivery anywhere in Ireland you can’t go wrong! If you pre-order today, you’ll have your pool arrive by mid-June, so it’s best to get ahead of the curve. No matter the type of garden pool you’re looking for, we have a great range suitable for the whole family.

Best Garden Pools: The Bestway Rangebest garden pools

The Bestway 9ft 10″ Pool which is made from a very strong and durable “Tri-Tech” material. As with all of Bestway’s range, this is a complete set that’s easy to set up (no tools needed). Instead, the frame is connected together with a Seal and Lock system. In addition to the tri-tech materials, the frame itself is made from corrosion-resistant metal which means that your pool is covered by a two-year warranty. The Bestway is easily stored away when the summer fun ends. Similarly, Bestway offer the 10ft Steel Promax. This is a circular design which comes with a filter pump, filter, two attachable cup holders and a repair patch.

For a large pool, Bestway offers the 13ft 1″ Pro Rectangular Pool Set. All of the larger Bestway pools have a ‘flow control’ valve so you can easily drain your pool. Rather than flooding your garden, you can attach a hose and have the water drain away in a better location.

Garden Pools for Large Groups

Bestway’s 13 ft 6” x 6 ft 6″ x 48″ power steel rectangular pool set is one of the longest and deepest in the range. Despite the larger size it’s just as easily assembled and easy to store away when you’re finished. This larger pool comes with a safety ladder so you and your family can easily get in and out of the pool. And to help keep this considerably larger mass of water clean and fresh, the Power Steel Rectangular Pool comes with a 530 gallon water filter pump.

The Best Pools for Children

Bestway’s 6ft Fast Set Paddling pool is great for the kids. It’s an inflatable setup that you can have up and running within 10 minutes and costs only €32.99. For larger families, there is also Bestway’s 10-foot paddling pool for only €45.00. This can comfortably allow your kids to enjoy the outdoors and the sunshine with extreme portability and comfort!

If you have any questions about our pools or our free delivery on specific orders, you can reach us on 021 4965 132