The Best of the Bestway Pools

The Best of the Bestway Pools

For the longest time, an outdoor pool in Ireland was out of reach. It was either too expensive or too impractical. But in recent years we are seeing affordable, portable outdoor pools. Leading the charge with high quality outdoor pools is Bestway. And we provide the best of the bestway pools in Ireland which are on offer for all our customers across Ireland. Let’s take a look!

The Bestway 9ft 10″ Steel Pro

The 9ft Steel Pro Rectangular Pool is a great option for the family. It’s also extremely budget friendly for what you’re getting, with a large 3m x 2m area and a 66cm depth, it’s a comfortable dip for everyone during those warmer summer months.

The Best of the Bestway Pools

If youre looking for the biggest pool, the Bestway 24ft x 12 ft x 52″ Power Steel is the way to go. This is a monster pool with a 1.32 metre depth and a 7.32 x 3.66m area. This can comfortably accommodate a few adults and a whole bunch of kids. It includes a 2500 gallon filter pump and a chlorine dispenser which help ensure your pool’s water stays clean and safe throughout the summer.

Mid-Range Option

The bigger you go, the more costs are involved. So finding a nice compromise is important and choosing a pool that isn’t overkill may be the best option for many homes who prefer to conserve space and cash. The Bestway 12ft x 39.5″ Steel Pro Max Round gives you ample space for a fraction of the price of the 24ft model. This model is great for smaller families and smaller garden spaces. If you want that extra bit of leg room then the 14ft Steel Pro Max Grey Wooden model is going to give you some extra space and legroom for an extra kid or two.

Family Paddling Pools

For the tiny ones, the obvious choice is paddling pools. But for those who are a few years older there’s often no great in-between. Bestway has some offerings that are a nice step up from the traditional paddling pools with more space that allow a parent to accompany the kids in the water. The 6ft Fast Set Round Pool is a good example that can comfortably accommodate an adult and two children.

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