ZRT Mowers VS Lawn Tractor Mowers: What's the Difference?

ZRT Mowers VS Lawn Tractor Mowers: What's the Difference?

What is the difference between ZRT mowers (zero turn mower) versus a standard lawn tractor? At Douglas Forest and Garden, we provide the best quality products for home and professional use. You can view our stock of professional-level zero turn mowers.

The clear advantages of a tractor mower make them a must for larger lawns, fields and garden areas. Tractor mowers cover a greater area, easier, and faster than a push mower. ZRT mowers are the next step up.

ZRT Mowers

When you compare a regular tractor mower with a zero turn lawn mower, you see increased speed and better control. A ZRT mower achieves an almost zero turning radius. It does this by replacing a regular steering wheel with two forward-back levers. Each leaver operates one of the two rear wheels. To allow for turning, its two front wheels are not connected to the engine. This offers the advantage of far better turning — at the expense of stability. A Zero turn mower is all about precision and increased speed. If you have a large area to cover and it is mostly flat, a zero turn mower is going to be the better option versus a tractor mower.zrt mower

Are ZRT Mowers Good on Slopes?

One of the key disadvantages of zero turn mowers is that they tend to be unstable in sloped areas. This can make them unsuitable for some Irish terrain. Manufacturers recommend that you don’t operate a zero turn mower on anything greater than a 10-degree incline. Anything greater should be done with a regular mower or tractor mower as ZRT’s are less stable and there is a risk of toppling.

Disadvantages of a ZRT Mower

A zero turn lawn mower is a professional-level piece of equipment. It is also more difficult to steer and handle, which means there is a learning curve involved in operating it effectively without damaging your lawn. Because they offer increased speed and faster results that can cut your time spent by 50%, they come with a larger price tag which makes them unsuitable for most non-professionals.

ZRT’s are also unsuitable for anything other than mowing the grass. You can get accessories for ride on lawn mowers that can be used to increase its utility. Zero turn mowers rarely have this ability and even when they have a tow bar, we do not recommend most of them for heavy-duty accessories.

I hope that answers some of your questions. In addition to providing tractor mowers, we also provide high-quality service and maintenance. If you have any further questions relating to ZRT tractor mowers, please call us today on 021-4965132.