Yard Maintenance on Autopilot

Yard Maintenance on Autopilot

If you’d like to put more of your yard maintenance on autopilot, then you’re living at the right time in human history! We’re experiencing a time of huge progress, where incredible technologies are becoming faster, cheaper and more energy-efficient. This means that automatic machines such as the Stihl iMow are becoming more affordable, more reliable and more effective at maintaining your yard or garden. Let’s look at one of the largest in the range of iMows in Cork.

Yard Maintenance on Autopilot: The iMow RMI 632 PC

As the flagship Stihl robot lawnmower, the iMow RMI 632 PC does an incredible job of maintaining large grass spaces of up to five square kilometres. Not only does it handle this area effectively thanks to its GPS assistance (which prevents it from going over the same ground repeatedly), it also automatically docks to recharge between tasks. It has a great battery which allows you to maintain large sections at a time before it ‘returns to base’ for a recharge.

Simple Setup

The rise of the robot lawnmower wouldn’t be possible without a simple interface. The iMow has a very user-friendly control panel. You can also use an app on your smartphone or tablet to change the mowing plan (focusing, for example, on the more visible areas first), you can check the status of the mower to ensure it’s running while you’re away at work, or you can pause or start new jobs without having to leave your seat.

Safety and Reliability

The iMow comes with a five year extended warranty which requires a quick registration and annual servicing. The iMow is a cutting edge piece of equipment and a big investment, so it’s important that Stihl can stand behind the long-term reliability of this machine, with a five year warranty to give you the trust you need. As with any mower, it’s important to keep animals and children out of range. While the iMow has incredibly sophisticated and reliable sensors to prevent harm to bystanders and animals, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Follow the operational instructions and enjoy complete peace of mind.

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