What Tractor Mower Is Best For Your Yard?

What Tractor Mower Is Best For Your Yard?

What Tractor Mower Is Best For Your Yard? Do you need something with power and a towbar, or do you need something with a bit more finesse? If it’s your first-ever tractor mower, this can be a gamechanger. Not just in terms of getting the work done efficiently, but in terms of the sheer pleasure of getting the job done on a well-made ride on lawnmower.

What Tractor Mower Is Best: The Zero-Turn

We have spoken before about the two main types of tractor mowers so that we won’t go into too much detail here. But suffice to say, that your first question is to decide between a Zero-Turn VS Tractor Mower. A Zero-Turn will give you manoeuvrability. This really hands if you have a contoured garden, with banks and obstacles, or flower beds and features. If you can’t cut straight, you’ll cut slower. A tractor mower needs a wide birth to turn.

Benefits of a Zero-Turnwhat tractor mower is best

A Zero-Turn does exactly what it says on the tin. It allows you to perform tight turns for neat cuts and much faster runs in general. These are built with precision in mind; The engine is placed beneath the seat, so you have a clear view of the path ahead. Many of these models also situate the cutting deck off-centre, so that you can make close cuts without risking damage to your mower or your garden features. Cub Cadet is well known for their range of Zero-Turns, including some of the most well-regarded professional zero-turns available on the market.

Side Discharge and Direct Collect

Side Discharge Tractor Mowers are ideal for large yards, fields or green areas where you need to keep things under control without having to collect the grass. In these instances, you’ll get the work done with a side discharge. It deals with rougher grasses and weeds with a high work rate. Some of these models, such as the Cub Cadet LT3 PS107 come with a mulching kit as standard, with grass-captures also available as an extra.

Direct Collect Mowers, on the other hand, are designed to keep a tidy finish. These are ideal for those of us who want to maintain well-manicured grass. Whether it’s in your garden or a playing field, there are plenty of instances where you don’t want to mulch. These machines allow for quick disposal using their built-in grass collectors.