Viking Ride On Mowers: What happened to them?

Viking Ride On Mowers: What happened to them?

What happened to Viking Ride-On Mowers? If you’ve used Viking in the past and know them for their quality and reliability, you might have searched for a new model only to find that the brand has seemingly vanished. Viking became part of the STIHL group in 2019 and since then has been rebranded as STIHL. So if you’re looking for the same quality viking tractor mowers as before, then they’re still available in a different colour and brand.

Viking Ride On Mowers – Now Stihl Tractors

If you’re looking for the same high standard for design and reliability, it’s all still there. The range starts with the entry-level Stihl RT 4082 32″. This is an excellent tractor for around domestic properties or for smaller maintenance work. It has all the basics covered for what you’d expect in a tractor, with an easy-to-use release for the grass collector so you don’t have to hop off when off-loading.

The Stihl RT 5097 C 37″ is for larger yards and can manage areas up to 6000m² in size. If you need comfort, Stihl designed this model for those that will be on the seat for more extended periods. It has a shock-absorbing spring-loaded seat to keep the brunt of the engine’s vibrations away from your body. Its wider deck means you’ll get larger swathes of work done with each pass.

Higher End Viking Models

The Stihl RT 6127 ZL is a powerhouse that is built to cover the largest areas. With features such as cruise control, you can kick it in gear and allow the machine to do all the work. This is especially helpful in large open areas such as sports fields where very little change in direction is required. It has a 350-litre container for grass clippings which helps to reduce stops, and with accessories, you can dump grass into a trailer to further improve efficiency.

Zero-Turn Ride On Mowers

If you’re dealing with a larger area as a professional landscaper or in some other capacity, you will want a machine that can handle everything thrown at it. It must be capable of handling difficult-to-reach areas where a standard tractor would struggle. For this, a Zero-Turn model is the best choice. Stihl designed these tractors so that you can turn between obstacles and reduce missed sports when cutting sections of grass.

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