What Happened to Viking Petrol Mowers?

What Happened to Viking Petrol Mowers?

We’ve recently been asked what happened to Viking Petrol Mowers. Viking is known for being the best manufacturers in the business and some people were confused about why we discontinued supplying their products. In actuality, Viking, which is based in Langkampfen, Austria, fully integrated with fellow Germany company STIHL in 2017. STIHL had owned Viking since 1992, so the only thing that has changed is the branding. If you already own a Viking mower, ride on lawn mower, or any other Viking product, then don’t worry, you’re still covered.

What’s the difference?

Almost nothing has changed with Viking Petrol Mowers, except for the paint job. Ten years ago, STIHL tried selling Viking handheld power tools under the STIHL brand name. As a result, they saw significant increases in the sales of these tools. Based on this outcome they decided to do the same with their range of Viking lawnmowers. viking petrol mowers

Nothing has changed except the brand name and colour. Every green Viking-branded product was changed to the STIHL orange. Viking adopted STIHL’s brand name since they are the better-known company. The products themselves are still manufactured at the Viking plant in Langkampfen. The only thing that has changed in terms of the quality of their lawn mowers is that they now produce more of them, having hired more staff at that location.

Viking Spare Parts?

Your warranty remains intact, and you are still entitled to all Viking services and spare parts without any changes. As you may know, we also provide full service and repairs for lawnmowers.

For those who are unsure about the change, the future for STIHL is positive. The German manufacturer has been around for 90 years and is only getting bigger. We supply many STIHL tools and machinery because they are one of the best in the business and we make no exception with their lawn mowers. If you have any other questions about your Viking Lawnmower, please contact us today on 021-4965132.