Viking MT6127 ZL Review

Viking MT6127 ZL Review

Viking’s T6 tractor mowers are a dream to operate and offer unrivaled precision from start to finish. The MT6127 ZL in particular gives the user an unparalleled amount of comfort and control even when mowing the largest of gardens, up to 10,000m². The sychnronmous cutting deck’s three blade system enables you to achieve perfect cutting patterns while its 125cm width and amazingly tight turning circle makes light work of your lawn.

The MT6127 ZL comes with innovative forward and reverse gears that can be changed with ease, simply push the lever into position and the hydrostatic gearbox does the work. The pedals are easy to operate and similar to that of a car, the break is on the left and the accelerator is on the right. The accelerator pedal allows you to precisely select your driving speed, giving you full control over all 23hp. Once you have selected your drive speed you can take advantage of the MT6127 ZL’s cruise control feature, it is electronically activated and allows for relaxed mowing which is particularly useful when mowing larger lawns.

With such a powerful and effective mower, you would expect to be emptying it every five to ten minutes. However the huge 350 litre capacity grass catcher box means you can keep going for longer. The grass catcher box is emptied without any strain straight from the seat simply by pushing a leaver.

The MT6127 ZL also comes with a mulching insert which prevents grass from entering the grass catcher box. The finely chopped grass then acts as a fertiliser and returns to the lawn providing valuable nutrients and moisture. This mower is suitable for cutting grass to the perfect height whatever your needs. The blade height is controlled by a lever and allows you to easily select from eight different heights quickly without breaking a sweat.

The LCD display is a great asset on the MT6127 ZL. It prominently displays, using symbols, all of the most critical information such as operating hours, grass catcher bag filling level, grass catcher bag needs emptying, battery voltage, fuel tank level, oil pressure control, driver seated, cruise control, mowing deck activation, electromagnetic blade clutch programming and fault indication. Coupling this with the practical driver seat that is fully adjustable allowing anyone to mow in the perfect position means that you can work in comfort.

The build quality of the MT6127 ZL is what really makes it stand out from cheaper mowers. It’s robust and sturdy welded frame and bumpers ensure that you and the main components of the tractor are fully protected at all times.

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Technical specifications

Lawn area m² 10.000
Engine type B&S Series 8.230 OHV (2 cyl.)
Nominal output kW/PS 14.7 kW/20.0 PS
Grass catcher box capacity l 350
Cruise control yes
LCD display yes
Dimensions (L / W / H) cm 1) 260 x 132 x 118
working speed rpm 3.000