Viking MI 632 PC iMow Review

Viking MI 632 PC iMow Review

iMowThe Viking MI 632 PC iMow has an impressive battery life which means it can mow the grass for 150 minutes at a time before it has to return to its docking station. This long battery life means that the Viking iMow can handle lawns up to approximately 4,000m² in less than 15 hours of cutting time each week.

You can change the active time of the Viking MI 632 PC iMow to make it more convenient at any time by using the app which is available for iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets. The app is only available with the MI 6 models of the iMow and won’t work with the Viking MI 422 iMow or the Viking MI 422 P iMow models.

The Viking MI 632 PC iMow also comes with several levels of built in security to ward off any potential thieves. One of these security measures is that the iMow can only be operated following the input of a pin code. This makes stealing the iMow pointless as it can only be used by those who know the pin. If someone were to steal your iMow anyway, not only would it not work for them, the MI 632 PC allows you track its whereabouts so that it can easily be found and returned safely to you.

This iMow also comes with an ultra bright and high contrast screen which makes it perfect to use on sunny days when glare can be an issue. All of the settings for the iMow can be entered intuitively via this screen, which is also removable so that you don’t have to bend or stoop when you are programming the device.

The wheels of the iMow MI 632 PC have tread designed to give them traction so they can reliably cut grass even in areas where the grass is dense, the terrain is uneven or there are gentle slopes (up to 45% gradient). The wheels are also self cleaning so you don’t have to worry about having to unjam them after each cut.

You also don’t have to worry about finding your iMow dead and out of battery in the middle of your lawn if it wasn’t fully charged when it began the cut. The Viking MI 632 PC iMow automatically detects when it is raining or when its battery is running low and returns to the docking station to recharge. Its intelligent charging system then decides if a normal or express charge is needed, depending on when the next upcoming mow is.

The iMow very finely cuts grass into mulch and restores the nutrients to your lawn, the robust mulching blade changes direction each time the blade stops to ensure uniform wear. This means your iMow can go for longer without needing any new parts. When you do need to replace the mulching blades, no tools are necessary.

The Viking 632 PC iMow is a fantastic little machine that can save you hours of labour each week. Get your hands on your iMow now by visiting us online or in-store today. You can get directions to help you find us on our contact us page.

Technical specifications

Ideal lawn area m² 2.000
Maximum lawn area m² 4.000
Average mowing duration (per week) 1) 40 h
Battery type Li-Ion. 6.8 Ah
Battery power Wh 194
Battery capacity Ah 6.8
Power W 185
Cutting height adjustment 15 steps. central
Cutting width cm 28
Average mowing time min 2) 150
Average charging time min. 60
Maximum gradient % 45
Weight kg 3) 14
Dimensions (L x W x H) cm 73 x 54 x 27