Viking MB 655 GS 21″ Self-Propelled Lawnmower Review

Viking MB 655 GS 21″ Self-Propelled Lawnmower Review

The Viking Mviking-mb-655-gs-oil-free-comfortable-facilities-with-viking-bbcB 655 GS 21” self-propelled lawnmower is suitable for small and larger gardens. A DOV engine with Readystart, powers this mower at a working speed of 2,800 rpm for lower vibrations and increased fuel efficiency.

The MB 655 GS comes equipped with 3 different forward gears, making it ideal for comfortably maintaining large gardens. Simply set the lever in one of the 3 forward gears and the lawnmower sets in motion. For added comfort the handlebar, as well as the speed, can be adjusted quickly and easily to suit whoever is operating the mower, while still providing optimal stability and maneuverability.

Viking’s MB 655 GS self-propelled lawnmower is simple to move around and store. It’s large wheels have high quality bearings for easy running. This mower comes with a foldable handle which comes in handy when you need to transport or store it. The integrated carrying handle on the front of the mower makes transportation even easier. Additionally it acts as a bumper to protect the blade housing from impact with obstacle around the garden, it is also suitable to be used as a lashing eye.

The central cutting height adjustments allows you to pick from 7 different cutting heights until you can make the perfect selection for the garden you are cutting. The cutting height can be easily and quickly adjusted with the help of a spring loaded mechanism accessed through a handle on the left side of the housing.

Once the height is set, the innovative high-lift blades work with the aerodynamic housing to create a powerful air current that lifts the grass up before cutting, then going on to blow it into the Viking MB 655 GS’s optimised grass catcher box. Unlike most lawnmowers, the grass catcher box in this model is capable of being filled to 100% capacity, so you can spend less time emptying and more time cutting. It’s two part design ensures that it’s simple to open and empty.

To make the whole experience of cutting the grass as enjoyable and as straightforward as possible, this Viking mower comes with a blade brake clutch feature. This allows you to simply and easily disengage the blades from the engine, while leaving the machine running. This is perfect for crossing over gravel paths or emptying the grass catcher box.

Get your hands on your Viking MB 655 GS self propelled lawnmower by visiting us in store, we have directions to our store on our website, or by purchasing it online today.

Technical specifications

Lawn area m² 2.500
Cutting width cm 53
Nominal output kW/PS 2.5 kW/3.4 PS
Cutting height mm 30-85
Working speed rpm 2.800
Grass catcher box capacity l 75
Start / Stop Handlebar start/BBC
Product weight kg 48
Drive 3 speed
Dimensions (L/W/H) cm 169 x 57 x 115
Guaranteed sound power level dB(A) 98
Guaranteed sound power level LwA dB(A) 98
Measured sound pressure level LpA dB(A) 85
Measured workplace LpA dB(A) 85
Uncertainty factor dB(A) 2
Vibration value ahw m/s² 3.8
Uncertainty factor K m/s² 1.9
Sound pressure level uncertainty KpA dB (A) 2
Vibration value (AHW) m/s2 3.80 / 1.90