The EGO Z6 Electric ZTL Tractor Mower

The EGO Z6 Electric ZTL Tractor Mower

The EGO Z6 Electric ZTL Tractor Mower is a fantastic machine worth considering for professionals and those managing large spaces. Especially if you already have EGO products. The EGO z6 42″ Battery Powered Zero Turn Mower uses EGO’s battery system, which is compatible with their other products. The mower uses six of the large batters to power the mower. What’s handy about this is that you can charges all six batteries in one go so if you have other EGO tools you can get all of them charged up in one go and take one out of the mower if you need it. This is a powerful electric machine with great capacity. For example, with just 4 of its max six batteries, the Z6 can cut up to 8000 square metres. With all six batteries inserted, it can cut up to 12,000 square metres of lawn on a single charge.

The Engine

EGO’s battery ride-on mowers provide exceptional power. Four brushless motors power the Z6 42″ to produce similar power to a 22-horsepower petrol-powered tractor mower. And because of the electric engine’s massive torque, the blades can plough through grass of various lengths with great ease. The mower has both side discharge and mulching. It has 10 heights for blade length, and extremely comfortable suspended seats with adjustments for height and length for longer-legged users.

EGO Z6 Electric ZTL Tractor Mower Digital Controls

Because it’s electric, you have a great range of controls all from one panel. For example, you can adjust the blade speed depending on what you’re cutting so you can get greater battery range when you don’t need power. You can also adjust your travel speed for when you need more control in tight areas or increase it when spanning large lawns or fields. The batter indicator gives you a percentage readout of your remaining capacity, so you’re never caught off-guard. Some ZTLs can require adjustments to the controls over time, for example, you can level them out, but instead of going straight, you veer off to one side. A feature in the EGO allows you to digitally adjust the handlebar controls through sensors linked to the onboard computer. The result is a far easier job of correcting your steering.

Long Grass

When we’re buying a ride-on mower, we’re all looking for something that can make lighter work. So the real test is with long grass. The Z6 can handle longer grass with sustained power and torque.

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