Stihl Lawn Mower for Sale

Stihl Lawn Mower for Sale

Looking at a Stihl lawn mower for sale? Stihl is one of our favourite brands for power tools and lawnmowers are no exception. You can view our full range of Stihl lawnmowers for sale. This includes walk-behind mowers as well as Stihl’s range of ride-on mowers.

Walk-Behind Stihl Lawn Mowers for Sale

If you’re looking for a push mower, Stihl has a great range from light and easy-to-use battery-powered mowers to heavy-duty self-propelled powerhouses suitable for landscapers. If you have a smaller garden that just needs a quick touch-up every few weeks or so, the Stihl RMA 235 14″ battery-powered mower is very lightweight and manoeuvrable, making it ideal for people will reduced mobility.. Great choices for medium sized homesteads include the Stihl RM 248 19″. This is good for medium-sized lawns up to 1200 square meters.

Ride-On Mowers

Stihl’s range of Ride On Mowers would have Christy Moore singing. The RT 4082 32″ is a great entry-level tractor mower which ticks all the boxes for a medium to large-sized yard that needs regular high-powered maintenance. Stihl’s range rides all the way up to Stihl’s RT 6127 ZL 49″, which has a whopping 350 litre grass catcher, a cutting width of 1.25 metres and a host of other features making it an essential bit of kit for landscapers, groundskeepers or those with very large grounds to maintain.

Leave-it-Off Robot Mowers

We have push-behind, ride-on-top, and now these days, we also have leave-it-do-its-own-thing mowers. Robot lawnmowers have been growing in popularity over the last decade and with good reason. If you have a medium or larger-sized lawn or grounds, keeping it from becoming a jungle can be a demanding task that can take days of work every year. If a well-maintained lawn is important to you but you have other priorities, a robot mower like Stihl’s iMow range can go a long way to making life easier.

Stihl’s iMow range is not perfect… yet! If you prefer an immaculate-looking finish to their lawn, you might find yourself just a little disappointed with the finish. This is because the cutting blades on a robot mower can sometimes leave a slight discolouration due to a lower turning speed cutting the blades of grass less cleanly than more powerful mowers. Some people also dislike the lack of patterns left by the iMow. Though the Segway Navimow robo mower solves this issue with some very organised, pleasing patterns.

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