Getting a Sit On Mower

Getting a Sit On Mower

A sit on mower is not a small investment. You need to ensure that it meets your requirements without issues. For example, you might not want to get an entry-level machine if you have large areas to cover, such as a couple of GAA pitches requiring regular mowing. At Douglas Forest and Garden, we provide one of the largest ranges of ride-on lawnmowers in cork.

Where Did Viking Go?

Viking mowers were well-known for their build quality and reliability. We still occasionally get inquiries about Viking products. Thankfully they are still alive and well — Viking was acquired by Stihl a few years ago. So you still get the great build quality with the same reliability. Their range of sit on mowers is excellent, beginning with the Stihl RT 4082 32″, their entry-level tractor mower.

Getting a Sit On Mower: The 4082 32″

Stihl built the RT 4082 for larger gardens and lawns up to 4km2. This uses a single pedal drive with a forward and reverse gear for manoeuvring in and around shrubs, garden borders and other obstacles. One of the largest time wasters when cutting the grass is the time it takes to remove the grass box, carry it to your dumpsite and then return, re-attach it and continue cutting. The beauty of a tractor mower is you do away with this. The 4082 has a 250-litre grass box that can be opened from the driver’s seat using a curve-shaped handle. So there’s no need to leave the seat. Just drive up to where you need to ditch the grass, pull the lever, and return to the lawn.

On the higher end of the scale is the 6127 ZL 49″

As you can imagine, there’s a large difference between the entry-level model and the higher level Stihl model. The RT 6127 ZL includes many handy features and a much larger cutting deck to increase your mowing speed and efficiency. All while maintaining an easy and intuitive steering system. The 6127 ZL also includes cruise control, so you can sit back without strain and get the job done. The ZL also has a larger grass box with a total capacity of 350 litres, and its grass level indicator will let you know when it’s time to empty.

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