What's the Running Cost For a Robotic Lawnmower?

What's the Running Cost For a Robotic Lawnmower?

What’s the Running Cost For a Robotic Lawnmower? Once people are convinced that robotic lawnmowers can do an excellent job of maintaining an ample lawn space, the next questions that usually arise are what are the costs and how expensive is it to run. The Stihl iMow range offers robotic lawnmowers for every type of space and situation (these also come with free shipping direct to any home in Ireland).

Running Cost For a Robotic Lawnmower: BatteryRunning Cost For a Robotic Lawnmower

Probably the most expensive part of any electronic product these days is its battery. The state of the art in battery technology today is Lithium-Ion. A higher-end lithium-ion battery such as the Stihl Lithium-Ion PRO can be fully recharged up to 1200 times. If you were to let the iMow recharge ten times per month (that’s twice per week), it would take up to 10 years before you reach 1200 cycles. Though of course, during that time there would be natural degradation of the battery, and so the amount of charge per cycle would be less. But in general, you can expect at least 2-4 years of dependable usage if using your iMow this frequently. We discussed the best robotic lawnmower depending on garden sizes so you can get an idea of what best suits your needs.

The Blades

Aside from the battery, the part of your robotic lawnmower most prone to wear and tear is the blade. The iMow has a system whereby each time it hits a hard surface, the rotation reverses. This means both sides of the blade wear equally. Stihl recommends replacing the blade after 200 operating hours. You may get more extended periods if you have no substantial obstacles in your path. But of course, when cutting grass, it’s crucial to have a clean cut. Blunt blades tear the grass rather than cut cleanly, which can cause discolouration of the lawn. So if you want a beautiful green garden, it’s best to replace this. Thankfully the blade is relatively inexpensive at about €24. If you’re running your iMow constantly, you might have an average running time of 40 hours per week. At that rate, you can expect to go through one blade every five weeks at high usage. Though of course, with the iMow you can choose when and how long your iMow operates (and with the RMI 632 GPS assisted robotic lawnmower you can do even more!). It doesn’t have to be continually working and can be programmed to run once or twice per week.

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