Professional Zero-Turn Lawnmower: The Ultima ZT1

Professional Zero-Turn Lawnmower: The Ultima ZT1

A Professional Zero-Turn Lawnmower is by far the best you can get in terms of speed, durability and efficiency. And on the top of this range is Cub Cadet’s Zero-turn Pro Mowers. The ZT1 54″ is Cub Cadet’s 2019 model. It is the result of over 63,000 working hours of research, design and testing — and it shows. The research focused on what professionals need and want. The design was refined over and over based on consumer feedback, and that’s how they ended with the ZT1.

Professional Zero-Turn Lawnmower: Ultima ZT1Professional Zero-Turn Lawnmower

This machine is fast and efficient. Cub Cadet has built it solid, with a square steel frame. Its engine can save up to 25% on fuel costs compared with other models of similar specification. In terms of comfort, the ZT1 is in a class of its own. The back seat is high and upright. Compared with many plastic bucket seats out there, it’s extremely comfortable to work on for hours at a time. The Lat Bars have comfortable, rubberised grips and are fully adjustable to whatever position you need. You can change the deck, and seat height, using a peddle and adjusting wheel. There are LED headlights set to ‘always on’ for maximum visibility. There’s a thick rubber footpad to reduce vibration coming up through your feet. Compared with consumer-level ride-on lawnmowers this is in a class of its own

Cutting and Performance

The ZT1’s (and Cub Cadet Z5) cutting deck has been offset to the side so that it pokes out beyond the chassis and wheels. Most tractor mowers have the deck directly under the seat and centred within the chassis, which means your tractor mower takes up less space. But it also means you’re “shooting blind” at times. With the ZT1, you can get a good, clean trim and clearly see where you’re cutting and this is especially useful when you’re cutting around edges or features.

The trailer hitch allows you to pull tractor mower accessories, such as aerators, sweepers or garden carts. Since ZT Mowers are about performance and don’t have built-in collectors, the addition of a sweeper such a the Agri Fab Tow Smart can be great for tidying up the grass after mowing. You can offset this to match the cutting deck, so it catches the majority of clippings. The Agri Fab Tow Smart has an easy-to-reach handle so you can quickly dump clippings and is an excellent addition to the setup.

The ZT1 is currently available for €16,999. For a no trade-in straight deal price, please call us today on 021 4965 132.