Pro ZTL: Cub Cadet's Z5

Pro ZTL: Cub Cadet's Z5

Pro ZTL lawnmowers are high precision machines which require skill to operate safely. But in return for the steep learning curve needed to master a ZTL comes vastly improved speed and efficiency. We’re happy to include the Cub Cadet Z5 to our list of Pro Zero Turn Mowers. For professionals, this machine has everything you need — from comfort to efficiency. Let’s take a look.

The Cub Cadet Z5 Pro ZTLPro ZTL lawnmower

With excellent visibility, the Cub Cadet Z5 has an incredibly comfortable seat with a high back. If you’re used to the typical bucket seats of lesser models, this machine will come as a pleasant surprise. If you’re spending significant amounts of time cutting grass, this model will significantly reduce the time spent as well as the associated discomfort that can come with it. This is because of its improved seat, improved position and reduced vibration.

The Cut

The cutting width is much larger than the Cub Cadet Z1 at 152cm compared to the Z1’s 137cm. This is a considerable increase in cutting diameter which pays off in straight runs, especially along larger areas. Whereas the Z1 can cut up to 13,500 square metres per hour, the Z5 can cut up to 15,000 metres at the same time. To help with this increased volume over time, it has a more powerful 17.15 kW engine compared with the 14.4Kw of the Z1. Naturally, as with any Zero Turn Lawnmower, you still gain from this advantage in smaller areas with more obstacles. The reduced turning circle on these machines makes for a far more precise cut with far less of a need to go over the same area. You can easily catch hard-to-reach places thanks to the displaced deck, which is off-centre so that you can get a good cut near poles, walls or garden features. The deck placement alone is a smart innovation which pays off.

The Z5 Engine

Compared with the Z1’s dual hydraulic transmission, the Z5 uses dual hydrostatic transmission to allow for more variable speed control and a superior power-to-weight ratio. The most considerable improvement of the Z5 over the Z1 is in the fuel volume. Instead of 2 x 13-litre tanks, the Z5 has 2 x 28 litres. This will dramatically reduce the time you spend refuelling — so you can spend more time getting the job finished.