Ordering a Robot Mower Online

Ordering a Robot Mower Online

Ordering a robot mower online is a straightforward and fast process. Once you have your desired model ordered it will arrive to your door within a few short days. Delivery is free of charge; And everything you need is available in the package ready to set up in short order. With a robot mower like the Stihl iMow is that once you set everything up it is a hands-off process. This can be a game changer for anyone who finds mowing the lawn to be a chore, or if you have a larger yard that took a lot of time to maintain, having this an autopilot makes a huge difference.

Ordering a Robot Mower Online: What’s Your Lawn Size?

The most important decision you need to make before ordering is to decide the model you need. In short, there are two main choices to make. The maximum lawn size you plan to maintain and whether or not you need GPS. GPS is a nice but not necessary feature for smaller yards. The iMow has a suite of sensors which will ensure that the area is fully covered even if the iMow is not cutting in an ordered pattern. However, GPS will make a big difference as it will avoid going over the same areas multiple times so that the mower is running for shorter periods, which means less disruption, and less wear and tear on your machine. If you want the running time to be kept a minimal, GPS helps with that. For larger areas, GPS is essential as sensors alone and the iMows algorithms can’t guarantee a thorough cut as there simply is too much space to cover.

The Entry-Level iMow

The Entry Level Robot Mower is the Stihl RMI 422 without GPS assistance. This covers a maximum lawn space of up to 800 metres squared and does so very efficiently. The RMI 422 PC model comes with GPS assistance, and this more than doubles the maximum lawn area covered to 1,700 metres squared. So you can see the difference the GPS can make to coverage and efficiency. GPS also helps reduce wear and tear on your machine, so if you’re going for the long haul it’s something to consider.

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