Low Cost Tractor Mowers

Low Cost Tractor Mowers

We’re often asked if the low cost tractor mowers we stock, such as the Cub Cadet LT2, are any good. The Cub Cadet LT2 is actually a solid machine. Here’s a quick rundown of its best features.


The LT2 has great ergonomics. If you’re familiar to ride-on lawnmowers you won’t have an issue with it. The steering wheel is exceptionally light. It can be turned with one hand and has a nice tight turning circle for this type of tractor. It easily has one of the most comfortable seats you can get on a lawnmower, with a high backrest and solid weight springs that aren’t too bouncy but have plenty of suspension for bumpier gardens.

Whereas many ride-on lawnmowers have access to the petrol tank behind or under the sat, with the LT2 it is in an ergonomic position high up beside the steering wheel. This means to refill you don’t have to go opening up the seat or bonnet as in many other models. It’s a small thing but if you’re doing a lot of mowing this makes a difference.

Low Cost Tractor Mowers: Safety

It includes a safety feature so that if you come off the seat the mower will stop.

Some mowers have features that prevent you from reversing or force you to push and hold a button to reverse. This can be problematic. If you want to reverse the LT2, you move the ignition key. Once it’s on (with a clear warning light), you are able to move in reverse without any hassle. low cost tractor mower

The reverse is slow, but it’s good enough – and you don’t want to be going that first in reverse for safety reasons.

Low Cost Tractor Mowers: Build

Cadet makes many of its components with durable plastic, including the panel for the ignition key. Cadet made it with a solid plastic, but the only thing that’s somewhat ‘pokey’ is the engine speed lever — so you would have to take care when putting it in storage that it’s not at risk of being damaged by heavy items in storage. But other than that it’s not an issue.

You need to get the wheels greased whenever you’re getting it serviced. The rear exhaust has a plastic lid covering it, which is durable but is still something to be mindful of if you are driving on an area with solid obstacles.

Overall, except for some very minor things, this is an excellent machine and one we highly recommend if you’re looking for a low cost tractor mower. For more information please feel free to stop by or call us today.