3 Essential Lawn Maintenance Tools

3 Essential Lawn Maintenance Tools

Having a few essential lawn maintenance tools can make all the difference when it comes to those basic repetitive tasks. But with so many options out there,which ones are most essential? Here are some of the most important tools every gardener should have in their toolkit. From lawnmowers to leaf blowers, having the best lawn and garden tools will help you keep your garden looking its best with minimal effort.

Lawn Maintenance Tools: A Lawn Mower

One of the most essential gardening power tools is an electric lawn mower. Whether you have a small backyard or a large lawn, a good mower will drastically reduce your workload.

For smaller-sized gardens, an electric lawnmower offers you a much quieter and lighter solution than its petrol-powered counterpart. They also require less maintenance, as you don’t have to worry about changing spark plugs or oil. When shopping for a lawn mower, consider the size of your lawn and choose a mower with a cutting deck that is appropriate for the job. As a general rule, the larger the deck, the more ground you can cover. For most people, a mower with adjustable cutting heights is preferred since this allows you to easily adjust the length of your grass according to the season.


Another essential gardening power tool is a strimmer, or brushcutter. These handy tools are great for getting rid of weeds and grass that your lawn mower can’t reach, such as along fences, around trees, and in tight corners. Strimmers also come in electric and petrol-powered varieties, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs. Electric trimmers are generally quieter and lighter and much easier to handle. This makes them perfect for smaller gardens or for those of us with mobility issues. When shopping for a strimmer, consider the width of the cutting path and the length of the handle. A wider cutting path will allow you to cover more ground with each pass, while a longer handle will give you better reach and control.

Leaf Blowers

When autumn rolls around and the leaves start to fall, a leaf blower can save you a lot of messing around. These powerful tools make it easy to clear leaves and debris from your lawn, garden, and driveway. Leaf blowers come in electric models, such as the Stihl BGA 200, which are perfect for smaller domestic tasks. Petrol-powered leaf blowers are more powerful, but they can be louder and require more maintenance. They’re generally better suited for larger workloads as battery-powered models have can sustain less work on a single charge.

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