GPS Assisted Robo Mower

GPS Assisted Robo Mower

The Stihl RMI 632 PC is a GPS-assisted robo mower by Stihl that gives you everything you’d want in one package. Robot mowers are growing in popularity as the technology improves and produces a better cut. Stihl has been ahead of the curve since day one, and the Stihl iMOW comes in a range of robot mowers that have configurations suited for different yard sizes and requirements.

Stihl’s most potent GPS-assisted iMOW is currently the RMI 632 PC. As one of the best performing robot mowers, it’s also up there in the price range. It’s built to handle extensive areas of up to 5,000 square metres. It handles everything, including recharging and redocking itself. As with all the iMOW range, clippings are mulched and left to fertilize the grass. This is perfect for anyone who wants to keep a maintained yard but isn’t looking for that perfectly manicured appearance.

GPS Assisted Robo Mower: Keeping Grass Green

The iMOW does a great job of cutting the grass. One significant issue with any mower is that if the blade isn’t sharp enough, the grass gets torn rather than cut cleanly; Those micro-tears can lead to browning and drying of the grass, which affects the overall appearance of your lawn. The iMOW tackles this by changing the rotation of the blades periodically. Any mower’s blades dull with time. As they hit solid objects these create little blunt areas that can lead to these micro-tears in the grass. The iMOW changes the direction of blade rotation, so its blades stay sharper and more effective for longer, which is exactly what you want in a hands-off system designed to make your life easier.

What makes the 632 PC stand out is its configurable settings. Some of the lower end robot mowers do a great job in smaller areas. But without GPS assistance, they repeatedly pass over the same surface areas, essentially wasting power and time and resulting in lower overall coverage. With GPS assistance, the iMOW covers a greater area in less time and more efficiently.

If you have a smaller yard, then the Stihl RMI 422 PC can cover an area of up to 1,700 square metres. While significantly less than the 632 PC, it uses GPS assistance for maximum efficiency and is perfect for smaller yards.

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