Garden Gadgets: The Stihl iMow

Garden Gadgets: The Stihl iMow

We all love to play with gadgets, and every now and then we all love to try out a garden gadget. Especially when it may offer improvements to our yard, or reduce the amount of time we need to spend in maintaining it. Stihl iMow robotic lawnmowers are a great innovation that can really save some time for those of us who are perhaps less keen on manually mowing grass but still appreciate the look and feel of a clean well-manicured garden.

Garden Gadgets: the Stihl iMow Series

Stihl’s robotic lawnmowers come in a range of options to suit everyone. For most homeowners with a smaller garden, the higher end Stihl RMI 632 PC is likely overkill. It’s GPS-assisted and can handle very large areas of up to 5,000 square metres. This is great for larger yards and areas that would otherwise take many hours of work to keep maintained.

For most homeowners, the RMI 422 iMow is likely the best option. It can handle small to medium-sized gardens with a maximum space of approximately 800 square metres. This means you’re not paying for the more advanced battery and navigational system designed to reach further in shorter time. Instead, the RMI 422 will find its way around the yard, cutting the grass where it lands, until it eventually covers the whole area. Because it does this frequently, the random patterns mean you still get clean and even cut. Once it completes its job, it will return to its charging station and if needs be, reschedule another pass.

Some Considerations

As you can imagine, these devices may save time for many garden types. Though, of course, there are some considerations before you buy. Firstly, if you really want that incredibly manicured look, you may want to keep your manual lawnmower. Because of the pattern the iMow takes when cutting and the fact that the clippings are left in the yard for mulching, it doesn’t give you the super-clean look some people desire that can only be achieved with a fast-moving blade combined with grass collection. But for those of us who just want to keep the garden from becoming a jungle and are not too fussy about how the grass looks, it’s perfect that can be fun to watch as it works its way around the yard.

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