Essential Tips for Mowing Your Lawn

Essential Tips for Mowing Your Lawn

Mowing the lawn isn’t rocket surgery, but there are still a few things you can do to help increase the longevity of your lawnmower while keeping your workload light. Have a quick look over this article and see if there’s something new.

Timing is Everything when Moving your Lawn

Kenny Rogers could make a song about knowing when to mow! It’s always best to wait till the grass is dry. Damp or wet grass will cling to the blades of the mower and cause it to cut out constantly. Don’t rush your mowing. Going slowly allows the mower to keep the revs up and cut each blade of grass cleanly.

Height is Also Important

You don’t want to bite off more than the mower can chew. Ireland’s rainfall can be a pain. It can mean you have to wait a bit longer before you can cut dry grass. The temptation is to get it all in one go, but this can slice large stalks of grass which can clog up your mower and double the effort. If the grass gets very high, it can be best to cut a little height off today and another bit next week. It’s also best to only cut 1/3rd of the grass’s height at a time; this can reduce ‘shock’ to the grass, which can cause it to discolour.

Mowing Your Lawn: Keep Your Blades Sharp: Dull blades tear at the grass, causing damage and discolouration. Keeping your lawnmower blades sharp will give a clean, precise cut, which is healthier for your grass. Many Robot Mowers automatically reverse the blade direction to keep the blades sharper longer.

Consider Leaving the Clippings: Unless you’re after that manicured look, leaving the clippings on the lawn after mowing can provide mulching and nutrients to the soil. A mulcher mower can keep the grass under control without the added work of collection.

Keep your mower in good condition. Keep the blades sharp and ensure the undercarriage is free from clumps of debris. Check the wheels to ensure there’s no blades of grass coiled around them which can add effort, and ensure the engine is properly oiled and running well.

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