Could This Spell The End Of Mowing?

Could This Spell The End Of Mowing?

Do robot mowers spell the end of mowing? Over recent years, there are so many machines on the market that have tried and failed. From startups to larger successful companies like Honda, everyone tried to produce a viable replacement for your regular mower or tractor mower. But can you really replace your regular mower, or are you going to have to resort to using other gardening equipment afterwards to get the finish you want? That all depends on the type of finish you want and your garden setup.

The End Of Mowing: The Stihl iMow

Where many failed, Stihl succeeded. In the lower part of the iMow range, rather than using GPS to control where your mower goes, you lay a boundary cable. This is a thin (2.7mm) green cable that is quite unobtrusive and, once laid, can be left in place. This prevents the robotic lawnmower from going off course. Sometimes, for example, if you have a rock garden, or concrete or anything else in the vicinity that might expose the wire to the eye, you may prefer a GPS option. But, of course, the GPS is also going to preferable for those with a larger yard.

The Finish

Since iMows mulch and do not use collection bags, you will not necessarily get that manicured look that some of us are after on our lawns. It’s perfect for those of us who are happy with clean and tidy rather than ‘perfect’. And because the iMow can move in somewhat random directions, you will also not always get a clean line. The other thing you’ll want to keep an eye on is the blade sharpness. Over time it dulls, and to get nice green grass, you want the cut to be sharp and clean. So for many of us, a robomower will spell the end of mowing in the future. But there are always going to be those of us who prefer a cleaner finish.

Using the Boundary Cable

The cable is crucial for navigation on the lower-end models. You may be tempted to bury the cable. That can be a good decision if you’re after a clean finish on your grass or using things like rakes and strimmers around the grass edges. It can also help if you want to avoid disturbing or damaging the cable. But it can be a good idea to first test your boundary a few times before burying it. This will ensure you aren’t accidentally missing a few spots. Many people choose to leave the wire staked in place on the ground rather than under it.

Your Docking Station

If you want a truly automated solution, you’ll want to place your dock somewhere where the iMow can find it and connect up automatically. Ideally, this is somewhere unobtrusive, like under a shelter or behind a shed at the same level as the lawn so that iMow can roll its way over between cutting sessions. However, this may not be suitable for every case. For example, if your grass is on a raised level, you may not want to put the dock somewhere on this level if you’re after a clean appearance.

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