When Is an Electric Lawnmower The Right Choice?

When Is an Electric Lawnmower The Right Choice?

Is an electric lawnmower the right choice for your needs? We’ve been providing lawn and garden machinery to our customers for decades now. Lawnmowers come in many configurations and sizes, and if you’re very discerning about getting the right tool for your needs, the choices can be a bit overwhelming. Saying that there are some rough categories that help make sense of the space. Compact battery powered machinery is ideal for most small to medium-sized domestic gardens.

When is an Electric Lawnmower The Right Choice?

An electric lawnmower is a fantastic choice. It’s easy to handle, easy to maintain, and doesn’t require messy refuelling. For the smaller gardens, the Stihl RMA 235 14″ will get the job done. By stripping away the weight and noise of a traditional combustion engine, you’re left with a machine that’s exceptionally light to handle. They’re far quieter than conventional lawnmowers. The primary source of the noise is not the engine but the sound of the blades moving through air and grass.

Because there are far fewer moving parts, there’s far less maintenance. Far fewer things that can go wrong. And because the fuel source is regular old plug-in electricity, there’s no mess when you need to refuel. Just swap batteries. There are no trips to the petrol station. And electric lawnmowers do not require oil to function except for occasional lubrication of the moving parts.

Choosing the Right Battery

With the RMA 235, the size of the Stihl battery you need will depend on the size of the lawn you intend to cut. The AK 10 battery combined with the RMA 235 can handle a lawn of up to 125 square metres. The AK20 can handle a lawn of up to 250 square metres, and the AK 30 can manage up to 300 square metres. So there’s an option for every sized garden. And if you’re on a budget and find yourself somewhere in between two options, you can always use just one battery and leave a few hours break to recharge and finish the job. If you think you’ll need to swap out batteries often, rather than buying additional battery packs, you can also consider the AL 500 high-speed charger. This can charge any Stihl AK battery to 80% within 30-60 minutes.

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