Choosing The Best Lawnmower For Your Lawn

Choosing The Best Lawnmower For Your Lawn

A lawnmower is one of the most important gardening tools you can have in your home. Having a great quality lawn mower that performs well and suits your grass and garden size is essential. However, a lot of people face a big issue in deciding what lawnmower to get and what type of lawnmower to use. There are so many different brands of lawnmowers out there from Weibang to Viking to Toro to Gardencare as well as types of lawnmowers, models and features associated with them that it can be overwhelming for buyers and users. Here is a guide to give you more of an understanding of the different types of lawnmowers and questions to ask yourself that can help you make a great purchasing decision for your gChoosing The Best Lawnmower For Your Lawnarden and lawn.

Firstly before you go about purchasing a lawnmower you need to ask yourself some vital questions like:-

  • How big is your lawn? Do you want a model that is good for tidying up a small area of grass or do you want a powerful lawnmower to cut through long grass in a large area of grass?
  • Where do you want to use your lawnmower? Do you want to use it to cut around plants and trees in your garden or do you want one to perform well on a slope or even a tough garden surface?
  • How strong and tall are you? Some lawnmowers have adjustable height handles to suit the specific user and to be more comfortable to use in operation. Self-propelled mowers with key starts are easier to use than pull-starts or heavy models that have to be pushed around suiting a person’s strength levels.
  • How well do you want your grass to be cut to? Does it have to be stripped down like a golf putting green or are you satisfied once your grass is some way short?

There are a number of different functioning lawnmowers with different drive systems you can get. Each type of lawnmower does particular things well and has specific functions in relation to landscaping your garden. Here are three of the most popular lawn mowers available.

Push Lawnmowers

Push lawnmowers are best suited to homeowners with small lawns. These mowers cut grass into fine pieces that remain on the lawn or can be used with a collection box. The rotary blade is powered by petrol, the user has to push the lawnmower around the lawn. Push mowers are at the lower end of the price range but provide a top class cut for your garden. Push lawn mowers are popular among budget-minded homeowners who have level gardens and do not intend to haul grass clippings. However, they have limited height adjustability, and sharpening the blades is difficult.

Self-propelled Lawnmowers

Self-propelled lawnmowers push themselves so you don’t need put as much effort into pushing them as other lawnmowers. All you need to do with these types of lawnmowers is just steer them in the right direction. This makes mowing much easier. Most self-propelled models come with adjustable speeds meaning you can set it to a level that is comfortable for your walking pace.

Mulch Lawnmowers

Mulch lawnmowers chop up the grass very finely and push the clippings back into the lawn as mulch. This mulch will add nutrients back into the lawn. Mulching lawn mowers are more expensive than other mowers but a great choice if you don’t have anywhere to dispose of grass clippings and don’t want the hassle of emptying the box every time once its full of grass clippings.

If you are shopping for a new lawnmower then make sure to do your research, know what you want your lawnmower to do for your garden by answering the questions outlined above. See all the different features that each type and model of lawnmower offers and which model you think will best suit your lawn. If you have any questions related to lawnmowers then call us on 021-496-5132 or visit us online today.