The Best Value Ride-On Mower for Medium Lawns

The Best Value Ride-On Mower for Medium Lawns

The best value ride-on mower has got to be, hands down, the Stihl tractor lawnmower: The 32″, 37″ a 43″ and a 49″ deck size are all twin blade systems. These are ideal for Irish grass with our wet weather. You have a twin-piston engine that’s well known. Made in Austria, this is a durable chassis. These mowers were sold for years as Viking. Viking was well-known for decades as an outstanding manufacturer of quality ride-on lawnmowers and has since been integrated with Stihl.

The Best Value Ride-On Mower For Medium Gardens

The Stihl RT 5112 Z 43″ has a fantastic turning radius. The driver has an electromagnetic clutch which means you can simply press a switch to turn the blade on or off. The driving system is hydrostatic, meaning it’s automatic. You just press the lever forward to go forward and back for backwards. There’s a motion drive pedal so that you can choose your speed. The height-adjustable seat is very comfortable with a spring-based suspension to take most of the vibrations out of the equation. And right beside the seat, you have a very simple height adjuster for the deck. Pick your height from 1 to 8. It’s also spring-loaded, so it’s easy on the arms.

The deck has wings on it so that when you’re going close to the kerbs or walls, the wings will pull the grass into the blades to help cut everything. The 350L grass box has a super-simple lever for emptying. You don’t need to over-extend to dump the clippings. At the rear, you just lift a lever to remove the grass collection box, and it disconnects. There is also a mulching kit that blocks the grass from going into the box. Instead, it cuts the grass multiple times before distributing it over the grass. When the grass is dry and not long, it’s great for mulching. If it’s long and damp, collect it. If it’s short and dry, mulch it.

Don’t Forget About Your Tow Bar!

Most people don’t take full advantage of their tractor mowers. There is a wide range of ride-on accessories available for many of the Stihl ride-on lawnmowers. For example, you can get a scarifier or aerator, which is fantastic for removing compacted grass and opening up the soil for better drainage and air. The Stihl ride-on mower opens up a whole range of items that can help you improve your garden.

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