Best Tractor Mower Accessories

Best Tractor Mower Accessories

What are the best tractor mower accessories for sweeping, spreading or aerating? It depends on the size of your workload and the make and model of your machine. In addition to having one of the most extensive ranges of ride-on lawnmowers in Ireland, we also provide a full range of accessories for Cub Cadet and Stihl tractor mowers. Let’s look at the accessories based on category.


We carry tow sweepers that work well on most tractor mowers. Both tow options can be emptied from the driver’s seat. You’ll find this is a huge advantage when you’re working in a large area. Agri Fab’s 44″ sweeper has been designed to prevent ‘skipping’, which happens when leaves and debris prevent the brushes from turning with the wheels. This often resulted in having to make multiple passes. Agri Fab improved this tendency drastically, and you’ll see a far better result. The 52″ Sweeper can hold 708L of leaves and debris and has semi-pneumatic tyres which can significantly improve traction.

Best Tractor Mower Accessories: Spreadersbest tractor mower accessories

Spreaders come in a range of options. The capacities for tow spreaders are 85lb and 130lb. The 85lb Tow Spreader gives an 8-10’ spread-width, and each fill will cover roughly half an acre (2000m2). The 130lb Tow Broadcast Spreader is a heavier duty alternative which has a spread-rate control and can cover up to 2,300m2 on each fill. This model works with all makes of tractor mower with a universal hitch pin included. It also has broader, larger tyres which keep it running well on less even ground.


Aerators can go a long way to removing compaction sods, allowing for significantly improved fertility and growth. The 40″ Aerator has ten aeration disks working in unison and covering a metre width area. It aerates to 6.5cm and doesn’t cause soil plugs, and it has a transport position to safety move this when not in active use. The 48″ Aerator is, of course, bigger and better. It covers a 1.2-metre width and uses a weight plate to provide substantial penetration even in thick, tangled sods. It uses eight spools, having a set of 32 coring-points (four per spool) which can each remove ¾-inch plugs from the earth. This also has wider profile tyres adding to stability while preventing damage to the lawn while in use.

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