Best Push Mower for Large Lawns

Best Push Mower for Large Lawns

What’s the best push mower for large lawns? At Douglas Forest and Garden, we have a full range of mowers for the home or professional use. And today we want to focus on the best push mower for getting larger spaces covered quickly. For many, our focus is on efficiency rather than getting that perfectly manicured look; This means we focus on mulching rather than collecting. For this, the Toro Timemaster is an excellent choice.

The Toro Timemaster

The Toro Timemaster has a wider cut that allows you to get through larger areas much faster. This will save you time; Instead of taking say an hour and a half to an hour and a quarter to complete a 1,200 Square Metre lawn with a regular 22″ blade, the Toro Timemaster’s 30″ blades will get it done in about forty-five minutes. Really you’re talking about taking the average cutting time down by a third. If you’re considering getting a larger mower to handle larger spaces, the Toro Timemaster is an excellent choice.

About ten years ago, the only options if you wanted a larger cutting deck in a domestic setting was to purchase a tractor mower (which is unfeasible for most Irish yard spaces) or to buy a professional mower which would typically be extremely costly. For homeowners with a larger lawn or professionals who need a high-performance push mower, the Timemaster can really fill a niche. The Timemaster has an adjustable push bar that only takes moments to adjust (perfect if there’s more than one user), and is suitable for people of all heights. The adjustment can make all the difference to the handling and personal comfort as you’re mowing.

Best Push Mower for Large Lawns: Height Adjustment

When you’re doing a lot of work and trying to follow the “Rule of Thirds” for maintaining healthy grass, then you might need to adjust the deck height quite regularly. The Timemaster makes this a little easier by only having two adjustment points. One for the front two wheels and one for the rear two wheels. The Toro Timemaster has a top cutting height of 11cm. Many mowers in the wide cutting deck category do not allow such a height.

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