Battery Powered Lawnmowers Cork

Battery Powered Lawnmowers Cork

Battery Powered Lawnmowers CorkStihl battery-powered lawn mowers are innovative and powerful machines with full freedom of motion. Stihl cordless lawnmowers offer people the support they need to maintain their garden. They effortlessly mow lawns, borders and around plants. They provide great comfort for users as they do not feature a cable allowing users to move freely throughout the garden not restricting their movement. They have an efficient motor with an automatic blade speed adjustment which ensures long lasting battery performance and an excellent cut every time.

The high-performance Stihl battery-powered lawn mowers all have different cutting height adjustments. Their comfortable ergonomic mono handlebars allow for compact storage and user convenience as well as being easy to transport thanks to their lightweight and compact shape. Their batteries also fit other machines i.e Stihl hedge trimmers, brush cutters and more. Here is our full range of battery powered lawnmowers.

Stihl RMA 443 Lawnmower

The Stihl RMA 443 lawnmower is a high quality and mobile garden machine. It has high-quality lithium-ion batteries as well as high energy reserves. The motor has an activatable eco mode and a flow optimised blade which makes this lawnmower energy-saving in operation. The RMA 443 has a foldable grass catcher box which can hold 55l of grass clippings and is simple to empty. This lawnmower is easy to manoeuvre, lightweight and can be quickly and space-savingly stored or transported because of its QuickFix quick-clamping device. It has a cutting width of 41cm, a cutting height of between 25-75mm and is perfect for lawns up to 400m² in size.

Stihl RMA 443 C Lawnmower

The Stihl RMA 443 C lawnmower is a high standard machine that won’t disappoint in making your garden beautiful. It is fitted with a powerful Stihl PRO battery system making it perfect for medium-sized lawns. This mower has an energy-saving eco mode which positively affects the machine’s operation time whilst mowing, collecting and mulching. Its flow-optimised blade consumes very little energy because the RMA 443 C produces minimal air resistance during every cut. It can be easily adjusted to the desired level in several stages with its central cutting height adjustment features. The mono-comfort handlebar ensures that the foldable grass catcher box which can collect 55l of clippings is easy to empty. This lawnmower has a cutting width of 41cm, a cutting height of between 25-75mm and is ideal for gardens areas up to 400m².

Stihl RMA448 TC Lawnmower

The Stihl RMA448 TC lawnmower is perfect for dealing with large sized lawns. It offers great freedom since it is cordless. The lawn mowers working range is high in eco mode due to the automatic adapting of the motor power. This means the charge of the lithium-ion battery lasts even longer. There is constant propulsion by the 1-speed drive. The RMA448 TC can also be fitted with the mulching function. Its flow-optimised blade always makes cutting effective. Its mono-comfort handlebar and 55-litre capacity foldable clippings catcher box ensure easy emptying and comfortable handling. The lawnmower comes with six different blade settings so it is easy for users to cut grass with speed and precision. This lawnmower has a 46cm cutting width, a cutting height of between 25-75mm.

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