Battery-Powered Lawnmowers

Battery-Powered Lawnmowers

Cordless, battery-powered lawnmowers offer effortless mobility with a smooth, perfect cut every time. Today we have a large range of Battery-Powered Lawnmowers from various high-quality brands. We’ve always stood behind Stihl and they are still an excellent brand, however in the last few years some other impressive brands have appeared that we are happy to back. These include the impressive ‘Ego’ range which has some very powerful machinery that can match that of some petrol-powered machines.

Walk-Behind Battery-Powered Lawnmowers

Cobra, Stihl and Ego are three excellent brands offering high-quality electric mowers for around your yard or for commercial work. For small to medium sized gardens, Cobra’s MX3440V 14″, Stihl’s RMA 235 14″, and Ego’s LM1701E 42cm are all great options. One consideration when choosing a machine is that Stihl’s batteries are interchangeable across various tools, including hedge trimmers and brush cutters. Let’s delve into our stellar line-up of battery-powered lawnmowers.

Ride-On Mowers

Ego’s ZT4201E-L Z6 42″ Zero Turn Electric Ride-On mower combines power with convenience. Designed to replace the traditional petrol engine, this cutting-edge machine delivers the same output as a 22 horsepower petrol engine, but without any harmful emissions. One charge of the six 12Ah batteries will cover an astonishing 2.5 acres (approximately 10,000 square meters), a performance that is unmatched by any other battery-powered Zero Turn Ride-On (ZTR) in the market.

You have the freedom to customise the batteries to match the size of your lawn. Charging is impressively efficient, fully charging 4 x 10Ah batteries in just two hours. The ZT uses four independent brushless motors to deliver the equivalent power and consistency of a petrol engine. With a top speed of 12kmph, this ride-on machine makes quick work of large lawns.

Electric Zero-Turn Mowers

More powerful and feature-rich options are also available, such as the Ego ZT4201E-S 42″ which includes E-Steer Technology. The aim of this tech is to allow you to drive like a car yet turns like a zero-turn. It uses a precision steering wheel and the latest in digital steering technology to achieve this.

The creme-de-la-creme is the Ego ZT4201E-S 42″, which has more excellent features, including cruise control so you get a consistent pace on the lawn with a lot more easy (and less tension in your pedal foot!).