An Automated Lawnmower

An Automated Lawnmower

It wasn’t long ago that an electric, automated lawnmower was considered the stuff of science fiction. Yet today, they are available with a great range of different makes, models and brands. If you have a larger yard area and lack the time or the grá for repetitive tasks, the advantage of an automated lawnmower can’t be understated. For us, the Stihl iMow range is the way to go.

An Automated Lawnmower by Stihl

A running joke these days is when someone comes up with a particular issue, and someone says, “I think there’s an app for that!” When it comes to finding the right tool or equipment for garden work, or as a professional arborist, we might not be wrong to say, “There’s a Stihl product for that!” This is certainly the case for the iMow. The iMow was one of the pioneers in the automated lawnmower industry. They have been keeping abreast of technological changes over the years, providing new features, more robust parts, and better battery technology as the technology itself progressed.

Which One to Pick?

Nobody would accuse Stihl of having a limited range. In most categories, they do a great job of market research. Rather than two offerings, such as ‘cheap and barebones’ and professional-level landscaping equipment, they have an entire scale of products to help people choose the right equipment for their needs. This means you can cater your product for your needs without feeling like you’re ‘missing out’ on some great features that may only be available in a vastly more expensive model.

Stihl breaks their iMow offerings into two categories. The RMI 422 range comes with three different load-outs. Stihl cover the basics with the RMI 422.

The RMI 422 Options

The RMI 422 P model is suited for small to medium-sized lawns. With a blade cutting width of twenty centimetres, it can cover a maximum lawn area of 1,500 square metres. You can also consider the 422 PC, which is GPS assisted. This model handles the area more efficiently thanks to the GPS. It has a maximum range of up to 1,700 square metres. With a cutting height of 20-60 centimetres, it can get down close to the stem when you need it.

If you need helping with ordering an automated lawnmower online or you have any specific questions about our range, you can give us a call on 021-496 51 32