Most Popular Hot Tub?

Most Popular Hot Tub?

What’s the most popular hot tub on the market at the moment? As with anything, it depends on what type you’re looking for (a regular fixed tub or a portable, or inflatable?). We focus primarily on inflatable hot tubs. We think they’re ideal for Ireland. Rigid bodied portable hot tubs aren’t really that portable. Sure, you can move them, but storing them is a problem. Inflatables are truly mobile and can be tucked away when you don’t expect to use them. We’ve done quite a few Lay-Z-Spa reviews. They’re a premium brand which we have provided to our customers across Ireland well before it was trendy to do so!

Most Popular Hot Tub: The Lay Z Spa Helsinki

The Helsinki Airjet is one of the most popular spas you can get. It’s everything you’d want for a portable inflatable hot tub in Ireland. It was the first of the Lay-Z-Spa range to provide Freeze Sheild technology which has since become standard across their entire range. It has a nice looking wood panel effect on its walls, pleasing to the eye and can help it fit in if you have a particular style to your outdoor area. The walls are lightweight and durable so that they can handle the pressures of over a thousand litres of water while at the same time allowing you to fold your spa away neatly if there are periods when you don’t plan to use it.

Room for the Gang

The best thing about a hot tub is getting some friends or family together, enjoying a couple of drinks with a bit of music and enjoying some chat. If that’s what you’re after, a regular 2-3 seater is going to limit your options. This is where the Helsinki floats to the top. Among inflatable hot tubs, it has one of the largest capacities at up to 7 people and comfortably fit five average-sized adults with room to hold a drink in each hand.


It’s essential to treat your hot tub’s water. We provide a range of accessories to ensure your water is clean and comfy. And your Lay Z Spa does the rest of the job by filtering out dirt and grime.

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