Lay Z Spa: Is it Worth the Effort

Lay Z Spa: Is it Worth the Effort

The Lay Z Spa is arguably the best range of inflatable hot tubs available on the market, which enables you to enjoy garden luxury on a budget. Having test-driven it ourselves and hearing responses from our family, friends, and customers, we are happy to report that the Lay Z Spa is worth the effort. With a name like ‘Lay Z Spa,’ you’d better hope you’re going to get some profound relaxation! And once it’s set up, you do. While the setup requires two people to ensure everything goes smoothly, the actual process is pretty straightforward and fast – once you consider the day or so it takes to heat the water to a balmy 40c.

Lay Z Spa: Is it Worth the Effort?

The beauty of the Lay Z Spa comes out during the summer. It’s relatively easy to maintain throughout the summer months. You will need to change the water regularly and ensure it has enough chlorine to keep it safe. Getting the chemistry right is the trick. We provide hot tub accessories to help you ensure that the water is safe and comfortable all year round.

One concern people have about a hot tub is energy consumption. You can place some insulated padding beneath the hot tub to reduce heat escape via conduction through the ground. We recommend about 100mm in thickness. Add to this an insulated cover and the Lay Z Spa will keep its heat well and won’t be as heavy on the electricity bill as you might expect.

Large Groups

If you’re looking to host a larger group of people the Lay Z Spa Maldives is the best in its class. Able to accommodate 6-8 people (provided there’s a couple of kids in the mix) this is a great choice and really great for hosting parties and evenings at home. Once you get into a spa with your cool drinks in hand you’re not going to want to leave. Just make sure you stay hydrated as of course being in comfy hot water while drinking alcohol can dehydrate you! To ensure you are safe, make sure you always have people with you and drink responsibly.

Two-year warranty

Lay Z Spa’s two-year warranty will ensure you get prolonged use of your spa for years to come. In the event that something should go wrong, Lay Z Spa is very responsive and tend to have a replacement part for you within days.

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