Lay Z Spa: What You Should Know

Lay Z Spa: What You Should Know

While there are many portable hot tubs on the market, Lay Z Spa hot tubs are our first choice and here is what you should know about the range. In addition to having a great warranty, they have high-quality materials and a pump that all combine to give you a durable, reliable hot tub that looks great and provides plenty of entertainment and relaxation throughout the summer.

Bubbles Cool The Water

As with any portable hot tub, the pump is responsible for the bubbles. If these are on for a sustained period, they can cool the water. However, with the newer models, this is reduced significantly as the heater can now operate at the same time as the AirJet bubbles.

What You Should Know about the Pumps

The pump unit both filters and heats the water. If you turn on the heater, it automatically filters the water. But you can also turn on the filter separately without the heater to converge energy if you need to clean the water without heating it.

Water and Filters

How often you change your water will depend on how well you maintain it using chemicals (which you can purchased from our Lay Z Spa accessories section) and how frequently the spa is used. It’s always good practice to shower before using the hot tub. If everyone does this, it will significantly improve the water quality for more extended periods.
You will need to clean the filters after using the Lay Z Spa. Dirty filters can lower the quality of the water and cause an ‘E02’ error on the pump.


Lay Z Spa have one of the best warranty offerings on the market. The standard warranty offers a 12-month warranty on the heater pump unit and a six-month warranty for covers, liners and inflatable lids. By simply registering your Lay Z Spa within 28 days of purchase, you get a free extended warranty which offers you twenty-four months for the heater unit and twelve months for the covers, liners and inflatable lids.

What You Should Know About Running Costs

This depends on usage as well as how well insulated your hot tub is. It’s best to place your hot tub on a layer of thermal insulation, such as a floor protector. You should also use your lid to keep heat from escaping from the surface.